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Space Force onebytwo™

Soft white lighting fit for any space

The Chroma-Q® Space Force onebytwo™ is a cost-effective, bright, high-quality variable white LED soft light panel that is a modern replacement for traditional soft sources used in TV studios, live broadcasts, film, vlog, video conferencing rooms, conference rooms, and photographic applications.

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Key Features

  • High-quality, pure, diffused soft lighting
  • Variable white - 2,800K - 6,000K
  • Smooth, soft uniform beam
  • Up to 13,800 lumens
  • Convection cooling for quiet operation
  • Lightweight (8.5kg / 19lbs) with built-in power & dimming
  • Standard 12” x 25” size, 1:2 ratio fits small spaces
  • Variable PWM flicker-free operation
  • Wireless DMX (optional) / RDM
  • Chroma-Q’s proven LED performance

Featuring 15 years of LED innovation and our award-winning Space Force™ LED space / soft light technologies, the onebytwo is the ideal fit for standard room ceiling height studios and small spaces.

The panel’s 1x2 ratio and compact dimensions enable it to be mounted side-by-side in either ratio, overhead, or on a wall, to create a huge volume of light in a small space.

Highly efficient and natively single-source, the onebytwo is CCT variable between 2,800K and 6,000K and has an output of up to 13,800 lumens. The fixture provides high colour rendering indexes, which are requirements for light sources used in the film and TV industry to ensure accurate colour rendering.

Convection cooling provides quiet operation for studios and a cooler working environment, as well as reducing air conditioning needs to further boost your energy savings.

With manual & remotely controllable LED frequency up to 96,000Hz, the onebytwo ensures flicker-free operation. Extensive RDM functionality is provided through wired, or the optional LumenRadio CRMX, connections.

The lightweight design only 6.5 kg /14.3 lb (Without Yoke); 8.5kg / 19lbs (With Yoke) incorporates all power & control electronics, making it quick and easy to set up. Built to last, the onebytwo requires minimal maintenance and retains colour consistency between units owing to our LED emitter inspection and proprietary ColorSure™ LED calibration system.

Optional accessories include a hanging offset bracket, 4-way bridle, and a full range of beam control accessories.


Space Force onebytwo
Product Codes CQ647-2000 Chroma-Q Space Force onebytwo with yoke (black)
CQ647-2500 Chroma-Q Space Force onebytwo with yoke and LumenRadio Installed (black)
Discontinued: CQ647-2005 Chroma-Q Space Force onebytwo with yoke (white body)
Discontinued: CQ647-2505 Chroma-Q Space Force onebytwo with yoke and LumenRadio Installed (white body)
Net Dimensions (WxHxD) 631mm X 313mm X 208mm / 25” X 12” X 8”
Net Weight 6.5 kg /14.3 lb (Without Yoke)
8.5kg / 19lbs (With Yoke)
Shipping Dimensions

737 mm x 406 mm x 280 mm / 29” x 16” x 11"

Shipping Weight 10kg / 22lbs
Power Supply Built-in
Power Input Rating 100-240V AC 50-60Hz 218VA
Power Factor 0.977 @ 120V AC
0.928 @ 230V AC
Power Consumption 204W @ 120V AC
204W @ 230V AC
Idle Power Consumption 9W @ 120V AC
10W @ 230V AC
Max Sound Level (Decibel) 35.48 db
Idle Sound Level (Decibel) 32.37 db
Typical Power & Current Measurements done with all LEDs at maximum intensity. Measurements made at nominal voltage. Allow for a deviation of +/- 10%.
Power Connectors In/Out Neutrik powerCON TRUE1
Data Connectors In/Out Neutrik XLR 5-pin male and female
Control Protocol DMX
Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C
Construction Powder coated Aluminium
Colour Black
Built-In Hardware Frame Holder
IP Rating IP20
Approvals CISPR 22 :2006/EN55022 :2006 & CISPR 24 :1997/EN55024 :1998, ICES-003 :2004 & FCC Part 15 Subpart B: 2007. CSA C22. No. 166-M1983:R2008 UL 1573:2003; UL 8750

* Preliminary specs

  Space Force onebytwo
Dimming Curve Theatrical
Hot Lumen Output (Combined) @ 2,800K: 9,009 lm, @ 4,400K: 13,808 lm, @ 6,000K: 13,290 lm
Luminance 800Lux / 74fc @ 3M / 9.8ft
Optics Fully homogenised lenses
Beam Angle 80° (approx)
Beam Distribution Symmetrical Direct Illumination
CCT Adjustable 2,800 - 6,000K
CRI & TLCI Up to 97
TM-30-18 Up to Rf 94, Rg 100
SSI Up to 87
Lamp Life L70 at 50,000 hours

* Preliminary specs

  • CHSPFSY           Space Force Compl. Manual Offset Yoke with Hardware, BK
  • CQ647-9013    Space Force Yoke Hardware Kit only for (without Yoke and Plates and Spigot)
  • CQ647-9014    Mounting Plate for Space Force Yoke (CHSPFSY) Kit (W/O Yoke, W/O Hardware)
  • CQ647-9015    Space Force Compl. Manual Low Profile Offset Yoke (included with Hardware)
  • CQ647-9020    Space Force onebytwo™ Pole operated yoke
  • CQ647-9080    Space Force onebytwo™ Protective Lens (replacement) (1 included with fixture)
  • CQ647-9001    Space Force onebytwo™ Barn Door Black
  • CQ647-9002    Space Force onebytwo™ Barn Door White
  • CQ647-0511    Space Force onebytwo™ Bridle Four Way
  • CQ647-9025    Space Force onebytwo™ Gel Frame
  • CQ647-9030    Space Force onebytwo™ Pop Bank with Full and Half Front Screen
  • CQ647-9035    Space Force onebytwo™ EZ Pop Soft Egg Crate Grid for EZ Pop Bank
  • CQ647-9040    Space Force onebytwo™ Soft Egg Crate 8 Cell 7” Deep 40 Degree 1x2 Grid
  • CQ647-9045    Space Force onebytwo™ Soft Egg Crate 2” Deep 40 Degree 1x2 Grid
  • CQ647-9070    Space Force onebytwo™ RF Lumenradio Kit (User Installed)
  • CH889-9006    Cable 12/3 5-15P (Male Edison) to PowerCON TRUE1® SJTOOW Adapter 6'

Space Force onebytwo

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Photometrics Space Force onebytwo

Photometrics Space Force onebytwo