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October 24, 2018 14:36

Chroma-Q's award-winning entertainment and architectural lighting products have been setting new standards of performance for a huge range of leading lighting designers, specifiers, rental and production companies, venues, shows and events worldwide.

Below is a selection of recent comments from the many satisfied customers and high-profile projects internationally that have utilised our latest generation of Chroma-Q products.

"I chose the Inspire XT because there are no fans, which is a must for us since we house a classical orchestra. It also has one of the highest light outputs I know of for a fanless fixture."

Per Andersson, Technical Stage Manager, Västmanlandsmusiken

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"We needed a relatively small but nonetheless bright fitting, for lighting a BP-screen, in order to create the effects we were looking for. The Color Force II's brightness, quality and range of light made it an excellent choice,"

Daniel Bexell, Head of Lighting, Malmö Opera Company

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"I absolutely love Vista 3. The timeline and advanced FX engine made my job look easy to achieve the pixel-perfect programming that was needed, with something often happening on every musical note. When programming the show, Vista 3's new window workspaces ensured that I had everything I needed right at my fingertips, when moving from space to space." 

Robert Price, Associate Lighting Designer & Programmer, Sounds and Sorcery at The Vaults

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“The Space Force fixtures have allowed us to make intense, clean, atmospheric lighting states and they have added to the design - not only as beautiful items to look at, but also for the part that they play in the narrative. Their extremely high quality of light has been essential to establishing a scene where voyeurism is invited. The light literally pulled you into the scene, like a moth to a bright source.”

Julia Burbach, Director, Arcola Theatre

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“The original Color Force fixture has been a mainstay of our hire stock for many years and proved very popular with our lighting designer clients. The Color Force II was therefore the obvious choice to demo when we were looking to invest in a newer fixture, and it hasn't disappointed. With even brighter and richer lighting results, it ups the ante again for multi-purpose LED cyc and wash lights! Everyone is very pleased with it.”

Jon Greaves, Hire Director, Lite Alternatives

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“Having the LED color changing technology available of the Color One 100X fixtures in my light plot gave me the ability to effectively change the space where the play takes place.” explains Boyle. “I was looking for fixture that could go from a range of bright, saturate hues for lighting any songs, to softer, more subtle pastels to light the scenes of the play.”

Austin Boyle, Lighting Designer, KIL Claps Back Show

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“The Color Force II are proving to be an extremely popular part of our rental inventory, their flexibility to provide front of stage effects as well as powerful Cyc lighting with a huge range of even colours makes them really versatile.

Ryan Hopkins, Director, Lights Control Rigging (LCR)

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"There's really no other company that can take all the aspects of a worship center - the scenic, the lighting, the audio, the video – and move it together in such a pattern and a synergistic way to where it becomes just so easy to use it to engage people in worship. It's just a powerful thing." 

David Oliver, Worship Pastor, Crossgates Baptist Church

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"In my experience, the advantages of the Space Force over conventional space lights are many. They're a fraction of the power consumption yet are very bright. They are much easier to hang and adjust, produce little or no heat output, and feature very simple white colour temperature adjustment. After using Space Force, I can't see why you would want to use traditional space lights anymore!"

Justin Windle, Big Shed

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“I’ve used the Chroma-Q Color Force IIs on a number of TV productions and I absolutely love them. They’re bright, well lensed, and put out some great colour. Here, even in full daylight, they make a huge dent, glad to see them in the rig.”

Kirk Miller, Lighting Director, Katy Perry

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“We have Inspire fixtures in both our main auditorium and the youth auditorium.The youth use it as part of the theatrical lighting looks, with color effects running and even strobing the lights to the beat of the music. However, the same lights that are making this space the highest energy room in the building on Wednesday night are the same lights used on Tuesday and Thursday to host the women's bible study. House lighting that can be controlled as individual fixtures can make that large room feel smaller by limiting how much of the room you light. The best feature of Inspire is the versatility you gain without the need for a lot of expensive wiring.”

Michael McBride, Lighting Associate, BridgePoint Church

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"The Color Force II are my new 'go to' LED cyc and wash light. They are super bright, the colours are really great, and the evenness of the cyc lighting is superb. I've previously used the original Color Force™ many times, but the new fixture takes this type of lighting to another level."

Tim Routledge, Lighting Designer, The X Factor

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“We wanted to address the needs of clients seeking an efficient bi-colour alternative to the Space Light. The Space Force fills this gap perfectly, delivering on output and quality of light, weight, rigging options, noise levels and affordability. Inventory is just one example of how we continue to support clients and crews by seeking out and making available the very latest advances in lighting technology”.

Darren Smith, Managing Director, Pinewood MBS

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“One of my favourite things about Vista is how easy it is to move between such different environments and still retain a huge amount of programming. Vista’s generic fixture model easily handles large amounts of fixture swapping into my design, without the need for any further time-consuming alterations from myself.”

Ben Inskip, Lighting Designer, Don Broco

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“I've been using Vista for nearly a decade now and have seen its evolution. As an LD I've always found it very intuitive and simple to use, so I was really excited to switch to Vista 3 and, after trying it out with success, was totally comfortable using it on a major tour such as this. For me the Vista 3 software is a big step up from Vista 2, with a number of significant and useful upgrades which have helped me to further save programming time and be even more creative. Vista 3 feels snappier than previous versions and just improves the overall experience.”

Derek Jones, Lighting Designer, Sir Cliff Richard 60th Anniversary Tour

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