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In this support section, you will find product downloads such as product brochures, specification sheets, user manuals, quick start guides and images for the Chroma-Q range of products.

If you experience difficulties with any Chroma-Q products please contact your local dealer. If your local dealer is unable to help then please contact support@chroma-q.com.

If you are having trouble finding what you are looking for on our website, then contact our Chroma-Q marketing department by sending an email to marketing@chroma-q.com.

For Vista 3 Software - Register here www.vistabychromaq.com/register-then-download-the-vista-3-software/

Product Brochure Spec sheet Manual Quick Start Guide(s) Software Exploded diagram IES CAD Symbol Certificate Tech Bulletins Download All
STAGE CL Control Console
STAGE CL by Chroma-Q Control Console
Studio Force II™
Studio Force II 12™
Studio Force II 48™
Studio Force II 72™
Studio Force Phosphor™
Studio Force T 12 Phosphor™
Studio Force D 12 Phosphor™
Studio Force™ V 12 Phosphor
Brute Force™
Brute Force™ 4
Brute Force™ 6
Color Force II™
Color Force II 12™
Color Force II 48™
Color Force II 72™
Space Force™
Space Force onebytwo™
Space Force™ octo
Studio One 100™
Studio One 100 V™
Color One 100X™
Color One 100X™
Inspire Mini™ RGBW
Inspire™ RGBW
Inspire XT™ RGBW
Inspire™ External Control Box UL924
Color Span 2™
Color Span 2™
Color Span 2™ PSU
Sandi™ Video Conference Key Light
Sandi™ Video Conference Key Light
Lighting Control & Data Distribution
Magic Box™ 8 Way Buffer
Chroma-Q® 4Play™
Vista Control Surfaces
Vista MV™ Control Surface
Vista EX™ Control Surface
Vista 3 software
Vista 3™ Software
Vista USB Device
Vista UD512 USB to DMX Interface
Vista Dongles
Vista 3 by Chroma-Q® Dongles
Uploader II
Border Lens-Color/Studio Force II-12
Border Lens-Color/Studio Force II-48
Border Lens-Color/Studio Force II-72
Cyc Lens-Color/Studio Force II-12™
Cyc Lens-Color/Studio Force II-48™
Cyc Lens-Color/Studio Force II-72™
Clear Lens-Color/Studio Force II-12
Clear Lens-Color/Studio Force II-48
Clear Lens-Color/Studio Force II-72
LightGuard for Color Force II and Studio Force II ranges
Hang Force Kit for Color Force and Studio Force II 48 and 72
Barn Door for Color/Studio Force II 12™
Egg Crate Louvre for Force II 12
Half Top Hat for Force II 12
Top Hat for Force II 12
Lightbank Adaptor (Speedring) for Force 12
Lightbank Kit for Force 12
Spigot Adaptor for Force 12
Diffuser Box For Force 12
Zip Hood for Color/Studio Force II 12™
Space Force™ Octo Manual Yoke
Pole Operated Pan & Tilt Yoke
Lumen Radio Card
Protective Lens for the Space Force Family
Space Force onebytwo­™ Manual Yoke
RF LumenRadio Kit for Space Force onebytwo
Top Hat/Snoot for Inspire™
Inspire™ Blind Sloped Ceiling Kit - 0 TO 15 Degree Angle
Inspire™ Blind Sloped Ceiling Kit - 20 TO 30 Degree Angle
Yoke Mount Kit for Inspire™
Inspire™ Blind Ceiling Mount Kit
Inspire Suspended Ceiling Bracket with Trim Ring
Space Force twobyfour™
Color Force Compact™
Color Force 12™
Color Force 48™
Color Force 72™
Color One 100™
Studio One 100 D™
Studio One 100 T™
Color Span™
Studio Force D Compact™
Studio Force D 12™
Studio Force D XT 12™
Studio Force D 48™
Studio Force D 72™
Studio Force V Compact™
Studio Force V 12™
Studio Force™ V 48
Studio Force V 72™
Studio Force T 12™
Color Block™
Color Block 2™
Color Block 2 Plus™
Color Block Plus™ Replacement Engine for DB4
Color Block 2 Plus™ Nano
Color Charge™
Color Charge Plus™