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In this support section, you will find product downloads such as product brochures, specification sheets, user manuals, quick start guides and images for the Chroma-Q range of products.

If you experience difficulties with any Chroma-Q products please contact your local dealer. If your local dealer is unable to help then please contact support@chroma-q.com.

If you are having trouble finding what you are looking for on our website, then contact our Chroma-Q marketing department by sending an email to marketing@chroma-q.com.

For Vista 3 Software - Register here www.vistabychromaq.com/register-then-download-the-vista-3-software/

Product Brochure Spec sheet Manual Quick Start Guide(s) Software Exploded diagram IES CAD Symbol Certificate Tech Bulletins Download All
Sandi™ Video Conference Key Light
Sandi™ Video Conference Key Light
Studio Force II™
Studio Force II 12™
Studio Force II 48™
Studio Force II 72™
Studio Force Phosphor™
Studio Force D 12 Phosphor™
Studio Force T 12 Phosphor™
Studio Force™ V 12 Phosphor
Brute Force™
Brute Force™ 4
Brute Force™ 6
Color Force II™
Color Force II 12™
Color Force II 48™
Color Force II 72™
Space Force™
Space Force™ octo
Space Force onebytwo™
Space Force twobyfour™
Studio One 100™
Studio One 100 D™
Studio One 100 T™
Studio One 100 V™
Color One 100X™
Color One 100X™
Inspire Mini™ RGBW
Inspire™ RGBW
Inspire XT™
Inspire MD™
Inspire™ External Control Box UL924
Color Span 2™
Color Span 2™
Color Span 2™ PSU
Power Supply and Buffers
Chroma-Q® 4Play™
Chroma-Q® PS02
Magic Box™
Magic Box™ EtherSwitch 7
Magic Box™ PS12
Magic Box™ EtherSwitch 7F
Magic Box™ 8 Way Buffer
Magic Box™ 8>4 A/B Switch
FxForce IR™ 12
FxForce IR™ 12
Vista Control Surfaces
Vista MV™ Control Surface
Vista EX™ Control Surface
Vista 3 software
Vista 3™ Software
USB Device
Vista UD512 USB to DMX Interface
Vista 3 by Chroma-Q® Dongles
Uploader II
Spigot Adaptor for Force 12
LightGuard for Color Force II and Studio Force II ranges
Manual Yoke
Pole Operated Pan & Tilt Yoke
Lumen Radio Card
Protective Lens
Top Hat/Snoot for Inspire™
Inspire™ Blind Sloped Ceiling Kit - 0 TO 15 Degree Angle
Inspire™ Blind Sloped Ceiling Kit - 20 TO 30 Degree Angle
Yoke Mount Kit for Inspire™
Inspire™ Blind Ceiling Mount Kit
Magic Box™ Rack Ears
Magic Box™ Extended Rack Ears
Color Force Compact™
Color Force 12™
Color Force 48™
Color Force 72™
Color One 100™
Color Span™
Color Span 2™ PSU - 2 Way Power Supply
Studio Force D Compact™
Studio Force D 12™
Studio Force D XT 12™
Studio Force D 48™
Studio Force D 72™
Studio Force V Compact™
Studio Force V 12™
Studio Force™ V 48
Studio Force V 72™
Studio Force T 12™
Color Block™
Color Block 2™
Color Block 2 Plus™
Color Block Plus™ Replacement Engine for DB4
Color Block 2 Plus™ Nano
Color Charge™
Color Charge Plus™
Color Punch™