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September 19, 2018 11:49

Our Legacy of Innovation

For over 20 years, Chroma-Q has been setting new standards in professional lighting solutions.

Quality, Innovation & Reliability

After initially establishing a reputation for high product quality and reliability with our popular colour changers and other lighting accessories, more than a decade ago we turned our passion and expertise to developing innovative, award-winning LED lighting solutions.

Our products have been hugely successful with lighting designers, venues, events and shows right across the world - including concerts & theatre shows, film & TV broadcasts, retail, leisure & museum installations, exhibitions & corporate hospitality events.

Brilliant Solutions

As embodied in our slogan, "Brilliant Solutions", our mission is to develop products which enable our customers to deliver the highest level of lighting performance for today's most demanding applications - and as a result, provide audiences with the best possible creative experience.


Drawing upon nearly 15 years of R&D experience and a meticulous attention to detail in every area of products' design, our latest generation of LED products deliver a superior quality of light and have garnered many industry awards for their performance.

Colour Consistency

To ensure the highest possible colour consistency between fixtures, we use the same LED 'bin' across all models in the same product family - and even for different products which are likely to be used in the same overall lighting system.

In addition, as part of our proprietary ColorSure™ technologies, we individually calibrate each LED light engine in fixtures, to achieve superior consistency across a unit, but also between different production batches made over different years. This makes products ideal for using on projects requiring a high level of colour consistency from fixture to fixture, and alleviates any issues when combining different batches of fixtures on the same job.

Quality of Light

Fixtures also share the same homogenised optics, for a single, clean and pure beam of light, delivering a superior colour blend with no unsightly colour-mixing shadows.

Attention to Detail

Our rigorous testing procedures include close inspection by the human eye too, and there's even a 48 hour burn-in to eliminate infantile failures in fixtures before shipping.

Built to Last

All our products are designed and manufactured in North America. It's a testament to our high standards of build quality, reliability and innovation that more than a decade later, the first Chroma-Q LED product - the Color Block DB4™ - is still in use today.

Here are some of the products which have, or currently are, helping to shape our legacy:

2004 - Color Block DB4™ - its modular design revolutionised the industry by allowing lighting designers to create a complete LED system using just one fixture type.

2005 - Color Web™ - the low resolution LED matrix system was a precursor to today's widespread adoption of video effects as an integral part of show stage looks.

2009 - Color Block 2™ - our second generation model offered improvements in every area of its design, including single colour optics, theatrical grade dimming and almost double the output.

2010 - Color Force™ - one of the first LED products to offer quality of light output and dimming truly on a par with tungsten lighting, and a hugely versatile wash, cyc & effects light.

2012 - Studio Force Phosphor™ - the innovative fixture utilises specially coated LEDs to deliver an extremely smooth, equivalent soft edge output to a fluorescent fixture in a compact design.

2012 - Inspire™ - the first product to feature our homogenised optics, the award-winning LED house light can also change colour, enabling venues to create a truly immersive audience experience.

2014 - Color One 100™ - providing a new level of light quality for an LED PAR fixture.

2016 - Space Force™ - the award-winning soft source provides film & TV studios with an innovative colour tuneable, low heat, easily deployed, and efficient LED alternative to conventional space lights.

2016 - Color Force II™ - the second generation, multi award-winning LED fixture changed the game again with its homogenised optics and huge light output providing a new level of performance.

2017 - Color One 100X - the new model upped the light output of its predecessor by 60%.

2018 has been a year of multiple new product introductions:

2018 - Studio Force II™ - a next generation, high quality white light featuring an extended CCT colour palette, providing quality and versatility for studio, film and other lighting applications.

2018 - Brute Force™ - powered by Studio Force II 48 battens, it provides an exceptionally bright LED fixture equivalent to a quarter Wendy light that draws just 15 amps @ 240V, plus built-in effects.

2018 - Inspire MD™ - the white output LED house light connects directly to a traditional dimming system, enabling any venue to upgrade to LED using their existing lighting infrastructure.

2018 - Vista 3 - we acquired Jands' Vista lighting & media control product range, now rebranded as Vista by Chroma-Q ,  and launched the Vista 3 software with a host of new features and improvements, as well as the new EX and MV control surfaces.